Lecture“Mandarin Duck - Nature without Border”

  Photographing Amur Tiger

Venue: ARTIST APARTMENT in Moscow, Russia
Period : January 18 - February 20, 2019
Organized : PRIMEVAL RUSSIA National Festival Russia
Support : Ministry of the Russian Federation
Ministry of Environment of Russia
Russian Geographical Society
Presidential Grand Fund

Lecture“Photographing Amur Tiger”

  Photographing Amur Tiger

Venue:ARTIST APARTMENT in Moscow, Russia
Period:January 20 - February 26, 2017
Organizer:PRIMEVAL RUSSIA National Festival Russia
Support:Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation,
Ministry of Environment of Russia
Russian Geography Society
Federal Tourist Industry
Presidential Grant Fund

Lecture:“Photographing the largest Wild Cat”

  Photographing the largest Wild Cat

Venue:Hilton Tokyo Bay
Period:March 23, 2013
Organizer:The International Association of Tourism Medicine

Lecture:“Photographing Amur Tiger”

  Photographing Amur Tiger

Venue:The Cultural & Scientific Association(Dubai)
Period:December 5, 2013
Organizer:Dubai Travelers Festival

Lecture:“Tiger Untrapped”

  Tiger  Untrapped

Venue:Royal Geographical Society, London, UK
Period:October 10, 2013
Organizer:Wild Photos

Lecture:“NATURE without borders”

  NATURE without borders

Venue:Russian Geographical Society, St. Petersburg, Russia
Period:February 23, 2013
Organizer: The Union of Wildlife Photographers St.Petersburg